Our Story

Welcome! You’ve reached Dave and Amanda’s uncensored website documenting our lives while we develop our 60 acre property, aptly named Dans Bois, with the goal of becoming self-sufficient.

For as long as each of us can remember, it has been our goal to get away from the capitalist lifestyle, where “it” is never enough. We live in a society where we rely on the system for just about every aspect of our lives, trading our time for pieces of paper so we can buy the “necessities” of life.  We decided that we would rather spend our time generating the real essentials; reducing our dependence on a system that is more interested in economic gain than human experience.

That being said, we aren’t exactly ready yet to disassociate ourselves completely from society…well…Amanda isn’t. Amanda isn’t ready to give up her career as a biologist just yet. There is so much we have yet to learn about our world and she is lucky enough to spend her days trying to figure it out. We quickly realized it would be impossible to meet both goals where we were living, Southern Ontario, so when Amanda was offered a job in Manitoba we decided to take the leap.

We wanted to buy a property that was already developed (since only one of us would be there full-time) in as remote of an area as possible while still being “close” to the city. Luckily we stumbled upon a 60 acre property (with trees!) in our price range that was built up from scratch, with love, by people with similar aspirations. The property has a home that is more than enough for our needs, a garage, a garden plot, some sheds, a chicken coop, and pens that were used for horses and livestock. The home and the garage both have working wood stoves, and about 55 of the 60 acres are treed.

Our aspirations include: adding solar power; adding a greenhouse; hunting and foraging on the land; enlarging the garden to be able to supply all our own produce and canned goods; raising livestock; and selling the surplus to help pay off the mortgage quicker.

What makes this website different from all the rest?

This blog will be used to document our adventures while becoming self-sufficient with one full time and one part time “homesteader”. We hope that we can add a different perspective to the existing community of similar blogs. We are approaching this lifestyle very differently than many of the people who are blogging. While we have distaste for how our society is structured, we are not doomsday preppers. We are not doing this so that we can have a “simpler” or more “spiritual” life (who are they kidding, simpler, ha!). Nor do we have any particular admiration for the “good old days”. We hope our blog will be useful to people that also want to be more self-sufficient, in particular, in colder climates like Manitoba.

Amanda and Dave

Video of our very first visit to our Manitoba Homestead